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"A Ton Of Leads coming In"
-Alyssa, Sail Away Digital
Done-For-You Agency Success Stories...
"So far we've got 45K into the agency"
^ Scaled to 80K/month in only 2 months in the DFY Agency!
^ 50K in recurring revenue with the DFY Agency
^ Closed 23K in new recurring revenue in less than 4 weeks 
Closed 65K after 2 months in the program!
^ Added 50K to her agency in less than 60 days in the program! 
17.5K a 30K+ Pipeline in only 6 Weeks!
225K in only 5 Months with the DFY Agency!
Real DFY Agency Members getting HIGH-TICKET Deals👇🏻
When the leads start flowing into your agency less than 24 hours after you start running traffic to your funnel 👇🏻
Meggie from Rose Marketing Group
The Done-FOR-You 
Agency Comes With:
  • ​1. HIGHLY-SKILLED, pre-vetted contractors to crush it for your clients.
  • ​2. A pipeline of ready to buy, qualified, leads.
  • 3. A COMMISSION-ONLY highly-skilled sales closer to land your deals.
Meggie from Rose Marketing Group
Elite Package
DFY Agency
  • We build and custom lead-funnel for you
  • We work with you 1-on-1 every week to run Facebook ads to your funnel.
  • We pair you with a rockstar white-label team to manage all of your client's work.
  • We close your deals with our COMMISSION-ONLY sales team to take your sales calls for you.
  • Access to our pre-vetted contractors list
  • 6 weeks in private Mastermind Group
  • Members only Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to all of the online training modules listed above
  • Option to reman in support group with coaching calls after the 6 week program
Done-For-You Agency FAQ's 
How fast should I expect results?
Our members get results lightning fast.⚡

> Many members see high-ticket leads within 48 hours of launching their funnels.
> Many members land their first high-ticket contract (10K-20K) within 30 days

Your results, are dependent on how well you adhere to the program.

What if this doesn't work? 
We are so confident in this program that we have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you implement the program, and are unhappy with the results in any way, we will give you every penny back.

How much do the contractors cost? 
For Elite Package- we have a rockstar team that charges $800/month for white-label services and $1,500/month per client for white glove services.

White Label= they do your paid ads, or marketing services only, no contact with your clients.

White-Glove= They do your marketing services, they will hop on sales calls with as you agency ads manager, they will use a email to communicate directly with your clients.

For Coached Package- The contractors on the pre-vetted list all have their own individual pricing for their services. They all are priced well and produce stellar work.

For Starter Package- use the contractor funnel to bring in contractors for interviews and negotiate to price with the, There’s training in the program on how to use the funnel with zero ad spend, and how much you should be charging your clients and how much to pay your contractors.

What is the DFY Agency Sales Team commissions?
The sales team takes 25% o setup fees and 15% of retainers the negotiate for you. 
For example, If they get you a 11K 3/month agreement that breaks down to 5K setup fee and 3K retainer for months 2 and 3.
Their fee is 25% of 5K setup fee and 15% of 3K each month when the client pays.

When the sales team sell a plan does the client pay monthly or all upfront?
Typically clients for an agency pay monthly.

Who does account management?
You manage your own accounts until you hire an account manager, this is your primary role in your agency as well as bringing in additional leads from sources other than your funnel. We will show you how to do this.

Can I put your sales phone number on my website?
Our sales team takes your sales calls that are pre-qualified and scheduled from your funnel. If you want to add your qualification form and booking form on your site as well you can. We use the funnel to get people interested and booking calls with the sales team primarily.

Where do you target leads in terms of geography?
Where ever you want to get your clients. We recommend US, CA, UK, and AUS/NZ

What are the most common services your agencies are offering their clients?
Paid ads management (Facebook + Google) Website development, SEO, Copywriting, Design, and more.

Where are the contractors located?
We have them all over the world on the pre-vetted list. The primary language of them all is English.

Do you resell or reuse leads?

Do you custom build each agency’s funnel?
Elite Package- Yes

Coached Package- You get the funnels from the course, customize them for your agency using the training in the program and work with us weekly on the coaching calls to as any questions you have.

Starter Package- You get the funnels from the course, customize them for your agency using the training in the program.